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Beulah Church is a very active church.  We offer a weekly email, a weekly devotional through Facebook, and a monthly newsletter called the Beacon.  Please let us know if you would like to receive either of these digital mailings.  Don't have an email account? No problem we will be happy to mail you the Beacon. Just fill out the contact information below and let us know how we can get you connected. 


The weekly email goes out every Thursday at 4:00 pm. It includes the Bible Readings for the next week, prayer requests, the calendar for the next week, and upcoming activities and events.


The Beacon is the church's monthly newsletter. It includes a devotional, calendars, a review of what happed over the last month, and highlights of what is to come over the next month. The Beacon is published the first of every month.


Every Friday at 9:00 am Pastor Don Gibson shares a devotion, prayer, and announcements.  You can watch on Facebook.

Contact Us

6930 Hopkins Road,

N. Chesterfield, VA 23234


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